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  • Q1. Is MNOP suitable for me?

    It’s good for those who are:

    -looking for a perfect body shape
    -urban dwellers too busy to do exercise
    -suffering from chronic diseases or health issues
    -not suitable for doing vigorous exercise
    -unsuccessful in losing weight despite numerous attempts

  • Q2. How do I know which treatment suits me the best?

    Some of our clients just have a slightly above-average body fat percentage, such as 2% over the normal range, while some have a significantly higher percentage of 20% over; some want to just get rid of merely 5kg fat, while some wish to lose 25kg or more; some want to simply tone their muscles or flatten their stomach, while some wish to create a sexy hourglass figure and reduce their waistline drastically and return to what they used to be before giving birth to babies. What we do is first offering a free body analysis to take an accurate measurement of the body composition, such as body fat, muscle density etc. Based on the analysis and your goals , we then recommend you the best treatment to help you achieve your desired body figure and weight with optimal health. The price of your treatment depends on the number and duration of your tailor-made treatment.

  • Q3. How often do I need to do the treatment each month? How long is each treatment?

    The clients of MENCE usually fall into the following 2 categories:

    The first type is local Hong Kong clients - we recommend these clients to have 2 to 3 treatments each week, with each treatment lasting for an hour and a half; the second type is frequent travellers or tourists - we recommend these clients to come to MENCE everyday during their short stay for also an hour and a half each time. To ensure lasting treatment results, we help our clients to establish a healthy eating habit by following our eating-all-you-want-without-gaining-weight method.

  • Q4. Can I lose weight by taking diet pills?

    We do not recommend our clients taking diet pills to lose weight, as that can worsen the body functions. A lot of our clients report a series of side effects such as hand tremor, grumpiness etc. with them taking diet pills; not to mention the possibility of having saggy skin, as well as the rebound weight gain after suspending the medications. With healthy diet, together with our treatments aimed at improving your health as well as body figure via high technology and unique methods, you can reduce the excess fat and achieve your ideal body shape and weight together with optimal health.

  • Q5. Can I lose weight by going on a diet?

    Reducing your food portion size all of a sudden will lower your metabolism. In order to prepare for the next session of dieting, your body would automatically adjust and absorb more during your next meal. Fat thus is easily accumulated and rebound weight gain is always the consequence. MENCE patented MNOP advises clients on an eating-all-you-want-without-gaining-weight method to help them establish a sustainable healthy eating habit which enables them to both enjoy yummy food and feel full. With healthy eating habits, you can easily lose weight by our treatments without turning to dieting.

  • Q6. Can I lose weight by doing exercise and going to the gym?

    Yes you can! But the weight losing effect is slow and with possible chances of injuries and side effects. It is natural to feel exhausted and have muscle fatigue after doing exercise and going to the gym, as lactic acid builds up when your muscles work out. Not only does exercise require adequate amount of muscle mass and energy to support the movements, but also sufficient time and sleep to recover. Without any one of them, you can easily strain or pull your muscles. Moreover, side effects, such as saggy skin etc. can take place with drastic weight loss through exercise, diet or pregnancy. Our patented MNOP is able to find the root causes of your excessive weight gain according to your unique genetic composition. Based on the principles of passive exercise, you can easily and safely burn 4900 calories, equivalent to approximately 2 pounds of fat just by comfortably lying down for 1.5 hours, without any side effects or discomfort.

  • Q7. Any side effects? Effective at all?

    Absolutely none. And highly effective.

    We have over 30 years of experience on healthy weight management, and have acquired the international qualification of ISO9001-2000. In addition, MENCE is the only weight management centre that can offer instant and long-lasting results in Hong Kong. Our innovative equipments are safe and have been approved by FDA in the US, while our patented technology has been certified and scientifically proven that they can effectively and safely increase muscle density and work six times faster than exercise in significantly lowering body fat, triglycerides and BMI.
    We are committed to helping our clients to lose weight fast with permanent results. Our professional and experienced therapists are able to provide you satisfactory results with our pioneering technology and equipments. The stunning success rate of 98% makes people confident enough to let us solve their weight problem.
    Since our treatments focus on improving circulation, our clients include people with different profiles, from teenagers to elderly, and not just limited to professionals such as doctors and lawyers - even Dr. Lo Yuk Lam, Honorary Chairman of HK Biotechnology Committee, is one of our delighted clients.

  • Q8. Will rebound weight gain happen?

    What conventional treatments do is temporarily reduce the size of fat cells. Therefore, rebound weight gain happens easily once you stop doing exercise and increase your food portion size. However, what we do is not just only reducing the size but also the number of fat cells. We tackle the problem at its root by improving the circulation and raising the metabolism to help our clients to build a body that is not prone to gaining weight in the long run. Therefore, our clients can achieve long-lasting results after treatment by simply doing our signature MENCE work-out on their own and following our eating-all-you-want-without-gaining-weight diet plan.

  • Q9. What is MENCE signature work-out?

    Our signature work-out is a simple and easy-to-follow exercise, that can efficiently help you maintain your body shape without moving vigorously.

  • Q10. How to combat breakouts?

    Our skin secretes sebum to protect our face; but when the excessive sebum comes into contact with the dirty stuff in air, it will be oxidised and turned into blackhead, blocking the pore and causing inflammation. Typical products are only effective for anti-inflammation on the skin surface; while MENCE employs high technology to combat breakouts by eliminating the bacteria causing them in the dermis.

  • Q11. How to improve acne craters?

    Acne itself is an inflammation caused by a large number of anaerobic bacteria, which is very toxic and erodes deep into our dermal layer until the wound is not able to recover itself. Hence, acne craters are caused by damaged dermis cells after breaking out. Conventionally, dermal fillers, laser resurfacing, radio frequency etc are used to physically fill in or smooth away the crater, but they make the skin thinner, losing the natural immunity and even turn the skin into a sensitive one. MENCE employs the natural, organic SGC biotechnology to safely stimulate the regeneration of skin cells, repairing damages and improving acne craters significantly without injection and surgery.

  • Q12. How to get rid of saggy skin?

    With us getting older or after giving birth, the amount of collagen in our dermis naturally declines while the fibre tissues also get damaged over time, saggy skin thus is resulted. Saggy skin can also be caused by man-made reasons, such as drastic weight loss due to inappropriate dieting or intense work-out. MENCE SGC technology can safely and effectively replenish collagen and firm up your skin by stimulating cell growth and division. With the weakened and loosened collagen being strengthened at the dermis, saggy skin is rejuvenated and tightened as a result.